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It began for us thirty-three years ago with “I went to your grandfather’s school, your uncle’s school, your father’s school.”  Over time the connections multiplied: “I sailed with your brother(s). . . . Your cousin was my Chief Mate . . . . I sailed with your nephew . . . .I was on the ship with your sister. . . . Your niece was on my ship . . . . My father went to your school.”  Most recently, a student mentioned that his grandfather had gone to our school.  During more than three decades in Seattle, we have seen off and welcomed home hundreds of mariners and friends.  With a new generation (Jane Crawford Fay) taking on leadership at the school, we hope to continue this connection for many years to come.

USCG-Approved Engine Classes

CNS is now offering USCG-Approved courses for Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED), Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels and Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) up to 4000 hp.   For more information, contact the School.

Leadership & Managerial Skills

LMS is a requirement for Masters, Chief Mates, Chief Engineers and 1st Engineers (called 2nd Engineers elsewhere).  Note that mariners sailing on fishing vessels, other than pure processors, are NOT required to comply with the STCW and need not take this class unless their company urges them to do so.  Furthermore, mariners who do not complete this class by January 1, 2017, will not lose their STCW credential.  Until they take the class, they will not be able to sail under the authority of their STCW if so required, but once the class is completed, the STCW will be restored to its full operating status unless there are deficiencies in other “gap-closing” requirements.

Note also that the “Leadership and Teamwork” requirement for the OICNW  and OICEW may be satisfied by either taking a course OR completing onboard assessments 18.1.A – 18.5.A. For more information, contact the School.

Help with Credentials

CNS provides assistance to mariners trying to determine what credential they may be eligible for, what authority their current credential confers, what might be the best way to upgrade a credential and how to navigate the applications for original, upgrade and renewal. Please email us at Credential Assistance if you would like help.

Honoring World War II Merchant Marine Veterans

Over 70 years after World War II, the Merchant Mariners who “hauled the gas, the bullets, the food and the troops” have been largely forgotten.  On and off over the decades, legislation has been In Peace and Warproposed to honor their service and provide some compensation for their sacrifices. But the bills died and so now have most of those mariners.  For the few remaining and for the memory of all who served, please encourage support for H.R. 563.
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Crawford Nautical School is licensed under the Private Vocational School Act administered by the Workforce Training & Education Board of Washington State.

Crawford Nautical School is approved for Veterans/GI Bill.