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Upcoming Classes

Deck License Exam Preparation Classes and Master 100/200, Master/Mate Uninspected Fishing Vessels courses can be joined any (non-holiday) Monday. Exam Preparation Courses follow the same Week A – D schedule as the approved courses but are supplemented by tutorials on topics such as stability and celestial as necessary. The tuitions are honored for one year after enrollment to accommodate mariners’ schedules.

The following additional classes are scheduled through the end of the year.

10/22 - 11/7/2018Oceans Endorsement (Celestial)
10/22 - 11/16/2018Designated Duty Engineer/Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels
11/12 - 11/16/2018Leadership & Managerial Skills
11/19 - 11/21/2018Bridge Resource Management
11/26 - 12/21/2018Designated Duty Engineer/Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels
12/3 - 12/7/2018Original Unlimited Radar

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