Deck Examination Preparation

Note: The tuition is good for one year to accommodate mariners who have to return to work.

CourseLengthTuitionSTCWIn lieu of Examination for National Credential
Master/Chief Mate Any Gross Tons Oceans12 - 14 Weeks*$3000.00
Master/Chief Mate Any Gross Tons/Near Coastal10 - 12 Weeks*$2400.00
2nd/3rd Mate Any Gross Tons Oceans**10 - 12 Weeks*$2400.00
2nd/3rd Mate Any Gross Tons Near Coastal**6 - 8 Weeks*$1800.00
Master 500/1600 Oceans***12 - 14 Weeks*$2400.00
Master 500/1600 Near Coastal10 - 12 Weeks*$2000.00
Mate 500/1600 Oceans***10 - 12 Weeks*$2400.00
Mate 500/1600 Near Coastal**6 - 8 Weeks*$1800.00
Master 500 Near Coastal "Shortcut" for Master/Mate Towing2 - 4 Weeks*$850.00
Master 500 Oceans "Shortcut" for Master/Mate Towing ("Q" Tests)***4 - 6 Weeks*$1800.00
Master/Mate Great Lakes or Inland Any Gross Tons4 - 6 Weeks*$1800.00
Master/Mate 500/1600 Great Lakes or Inland4 - 6 Weeks*$1800.00
Oceans Endorsement for Master/Mate of 500/1600 GT & Towing Vessels Tests)3 Weeks$1350.00Yes

*These lengths are averages.  Some students feel prepared sooner, some need more time to feel comfortable.  Mariners taking the newer “Q” examinations may have more modules than those able to test under the old system.  For example, Masters 500/1600 candidates taking the “Q” tests will find a stand-alone Stability module.  This is not the case on the older examinations.

**The examinations for 2nd/3rd Mate Near Coastal/Oceans are identical to those for Mate 500/1600 Near Coastal/Oceans.

***The Oceans element of these credentials may be satisfied by successful completion of our approved Oceans Endorsement class.


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