The USCG and NMC regularly implement new regulations and policy and update existing ones.  Here is a list of these changes as they appear along with some annotations.

Date Subject
9/20/2018NMC Submission Guidelines for Applications
9/5/2018Exam Working Group Membership
9/1/2018Mariners must use new forms for submitting applications
6/22/2018Basic & Advanced Polar Code Operations (Policy Letter 2-18)
1/26/2018"Q" Tests explanation
2/13/2016Polar Training
12/21/2017Qualified Assessor Requirement Postponed
9/1/2016Exam Question Banks no longer available
6/20/16Final Rule: Inspection of Towing Vessels
6/6/2016Postponement of QA Requirements
2/6/2016Update to
1/30/2016Oilers & Time-and-a-Half
1/18/2016STCW Gap-Closing
1/8/2016How to Submit Applications
2/18/2015Medical Waivers
1/16/2015Recency & Military Personnel