It is hard to imagine the pleasure of drinking wine being diminished by not knowing the name of the indentation in the bottom of the wine bottle.  And plenty of shoes have been successfully tied by people who do not know the name of the thingamajig at the end of a shoelace.  It’s the same with ground tackle onboard ship.  Anchors have been heaved, weighed, dragged, dredged, kedged, dropped underfoot and fouled by thousands of seamen not familiar with the name of the teeth-like gizmos on the wildcat.  However an examination question asks just that.

The sprocket teeth on a wildcat are known as the ______________________________.
A. pawls
B. devil's claws
C. whelps
D. pockets
Answer: C

The dimple in the bottom of a wine bottle is a ‘punt’ and the thin metal or plastic sheath at the end of a shoelace is an aglet.