While waiting (and waiting) for the Regional Examination Centers to open, mariners who’ve spent months learning and carefully stowing tons (long tons = 2240 lbs) of knowledge have begun to worry about the deleterious effects of neglect (contamination = dust). To help ventilate those holds crammed with information (hot to cold: ventilate bold, cold to hot: ventilate not), CNS is offering week-long refresher courses for both deck and engine candidates.

Given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes will be conducted primarily online via Zoom. Over the last several months we’ve been delighted to find how effective this mode of teaching can be. ¬†Should conditions allow, we will work in-class as well. Currently scheduled sessions are:

March 8 – 13: Deck Refresher (Cost: $700 for 5 days; $150 daily rate)

If interested, please let us know for which license you’re testing so we can prepare materials accordingly.