CourseLengthTuitionSTCWIn lieu of Examination for National Credential
Original Unlimited Radar5 days$950.00Yes
Radar Plotting Review1 day$250.00Yes
Leadership & Managerial Skills5 days$950.00Yes
Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems5 days$950.00Yes
Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA)5 days$950.00Yes
Bridge Resource Management3 days$550.00Yes
Mate 200 Inland/NC4 weeks$1800.00Yes
Master 100/OUPV Inland/NC3 weeks$1600.00Yes
Master/Mate Uninspected Fishing Vessels4 weeks$1800.00Yes
Oceans Endorsement: Masters 500/1600/Towing/Fishing; Mates 3rd & 2nd AGT, 500/16002.5 weeks$1250.00YesYes
Designated Duty Engineer 1000 - 4000 HP4 weeks$3000.00Yes
Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels4 weeks$3000.00Yes
Qualified Member of the Engine Department (QMED)5 weeks$3500.00Yes
Tankerman1 week$900.00Yes