STCW Engine Officer Endorsements

Occasionally mariners and employers have difficulty deciphering the Merchant Mariner’s Credential.  Many of the endorsements are indicated by letter and Roman numeral, without supportive definition.

The US Merchant Marine Credential has two parts. One describes the authority of the holder based on US licensing regulations. This is the “National” credential. The second part, omitted on credentials for mariners who do not need it, is the STCW authority. Here is a key to translating the STCW endorsement with links to the appropriate Checklists.

Symbol Certificate
III/1 OICEW or DDE 1000 HP or more (Operational)
III/2 Chief Engineer 4000 HP or more (Management)
III/2 2nd Engineer Officer (1st Asst.) 4000 HP or more (Management)
III/3 Chief Engineer ≥ 1000 HP and < 4000 HP (Management)
III/3 2nd Engineer Officer (1st Asst.) ≥ 1000 and < 4000 HP Management
III/6 Electro-Technical Officer 1000 HP and more
VI/1 Basic Training (formerly Basic Safety Training)
VI/2 Proficiency: Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (except Fast Rescue Boats).
Proficiency: other than fast rescue boats.
Proficiency: Survival Craft (Limited)
Proficiency: Fast Rescue Boats
VI/3 Advanced Firefighting
VI/4 Medical First Aid Provider & Medical Person-in-Charge
VI/5 Vessel Security Officer
VI/6 Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties